X-Studs Pornography Story: Bad Kitty! Bad! Part 2

X-Studs Pornography Story: Bad Kitty! Bad! Part 2

Today was Open House, Kitty always loved Open House at the mansion. Not only did she get to see her parents, but she got to visit with everyone else’s family, many of whom she liked a lot. Even Amara’s family was here, all the way from South America. Kurt’s parents had come from Germany. Even Amanda’s parents had been invited, even thought their daughter wasn’t actually a mutant, just wanted to date one.

Kurt hoped that if they saw what mutants were really like, they would change their views, and had asked the Professor to invite them. After all, their only taste of mutants other than himself was Toad, hardly an ambassador for mutantkind. Hopefully they could be persuaded to relax their injunction against Kurt and Amanda dating, dating in the open, anyway. Kitty had an even better reason to look forward the gathering this year. She could socialize with everyone without having to worry about Jean doing anything to her.

For the last few days, since the ill-advised prank, she had been pretty much keeping to herself, avoiding situations where everyone was together, having heard via the grapevine that Jean was gunning for her. The two of them were getting along well enough, though there was a slight hint of tension. No one had actually told her that Jean was looking for payback, but she had overheard a couple of the girls talking about it when they didn’t know she was within earshot. Whatever Jean was planning wouldn’t be effective for humiliation unless everyone was there to see it, so Kitty had just been avoiding group situations.

But Kitty felt safe tonight. Jean couldn’t do anything in front of the parents. It was one thing to embarrass Kitty. It was something else to humiliate the Institute. As long as she stayed within view of the visitors at all times, Jean couldn’t do anything to her tonight without incurring the Professor’s wrath. The Professor was currently making a presentation about the current status and plans of the Institute. The family members were sitting up front, while the X-kids were lined up against three walls. The room was big, but this wasn’t a convention center. It was more important for the parents to hear the presentation than the students, who knew most of it anyway. Afterward the students would be able to show their parents their own rooms, followed by a group tour of the entire Institute.

It always amused Kitty that the Danger Room was never referred to by that name when speaking to the parents. It was always the “training area”, and any demonstration exercises were considerably watered down. Of course, the parents probably weren’t fooled. Just from watching the news, they knew that the X-kids had been in some pretty hazardous situations. But then, with all the anti-mutant sentiment, they weren’t particularly safe at home either, and their siblings would be at risk as well. At least here they had some sort of protection. And the parents were proud that their children had helped save the entire human race from Apocalypse.

Kitty’s mind wandered as the Professor spoke. There wasn’t any information that she didn’t already know. She thought of something she wanted to tell Amanda, and started to poke the other girl in the ribs, but for some reason her arm wouldn’t move. It wasn’t tingling, so it hadn’t fallen asleep. She just couldn’t use it. She tried the other arm, and it was apparently inoperative as well. She couldn’t make her body move at all, except her head. She could turn it to the side to look at Amanda, then the other way, toward Tiffany.

The smaller girl noticed the movement in her peripheral vision, and turned her own head to smile at Kitty. Then the smile faded when she saw the expression of panic on her friend’s face. “Kitty, what is it?” she whispered. “I don’t know. There’s something wrong with me. I can’t move my body. It’s like I’m paralyzed or something. ”Tiffany touched her leg. “Can you feel that?”  “Yeah. So I guess my nervous system isn’t completely messed up. But I still can’t move.” Kitty moved then, but not under muscle power. Her body was lifted out of the chair a few inches, floating above it. Then her skirt was pushed upward by an unseen force, until it was around her waist. Finally, her panties slid down and off. Her body settled down in the chair then, her legs forced wide apart until they pressed up against Amanda and Tiffany. Her pussy was completely exposed.

The girls on either side of Kitty gaped in astonishment. “Kitty, what in the fuck are you doing?” Amanda asked anxiously. The response was total panic, though still a whisper. “It’s not me! It’s Jean! She’s making me do this!” As she spoke, the top of her dress was pushed down, followed by the equally strapless bra. Now all of her clothes were bunched around her waist, and she was totally naked everywhere else. Amanda couldn’t pull the skirt down without lifting Kitty up, so she at least tried to pull the top back up. But it was bound in place and was completely immovable.

In panic, Kitty looked around. Jean was sitting against the side wall, a little smile on her face. Kitty focused her thoughts and projected them. “Jean, please don’t do this!” Jean grinned. “Why not? I just want to give you a lovely orgasm.” As Kitty heard the words in her head, she felt something insubstantial touching her pussy. Oh, shit! She’s pulling the phantom lover gag on me! Orgasm was pretty much guaranteed with that. She had received a bunch of them in the past. Just not in public. She tried again. “Jean, please don’t! I always cum hard with that. They’ll hear me and everybody will turn around and see.” “I guess you better keep yourself under control, then. You’ll have to cum quietly. But you WILL cum more than once.

At first Kitty was panicking too much to be sexually excited. But after a few minutes of the exquisite stimulation of her private parts, she was overcome with the sensations. The phantom lover trick was devastating. Every sensitive part of her was being manipulated, inside and out. The invisible tendrils working her on the outside stimulated everything all the way out to the inner thighs. Needless to say, special attention was given to her clit. Her tits were also being stroked all over, emphasis on the nipples. A telekenetic dildo was fucking her. Even her legs and face were being gently stroked. And she was helpless to stop any of it.

Kitty tried to get her mind off it, thinking of Toad and Blob and Sabretooth and other unsexy things. But Jean kept forcing images into her head to counteract the attempted cold shower. Instead of Toad, Kitty saw Victoria’s Secret models, Playmates, and other incredibly sexy women. She couldn’t remember being so wet. Kitty tried phasing through the chair and the floor, but Jean inhibited use of her power. She would have been moaning nonstop by now, but by sheer force of will she managed to hold most of it in. Occasional soft moans escaped her lips, but they were not loud enough to carry to the front of the room at least not yet.

By now all of the students had caught on to what was happening. Their minds were in chaos as well. It was quite an arousing spectacle, resulting in boners and wet pussies all the way around the room. But the others were also concerned that someone in the front would hear. It was out of their control, however. Jean was apparently determined to go through with this, and any attempt to stop her would bring about the attention they wanted to avoid. Even though they were pretty much transfixed watching Kitty, they still made furtive glances toward the front to make sure everyone was still facing the Professor.

Amanda was especially anxious. After all she had gone through to get her parents here to meet some nice mutants, a sex show was the last thing she needed. Her parents were too uptight for that and would leave in a huff. If that happened, her relationship with Kurt would have to stay underground indefinitely. At first Tiffany wondered why the Professor wasn’t stopping this, but then she realized that he couldn’t see. In his wheelchair he couldn’t see as much of the room as a standing person would have. And he was concentrating on his lecture and was apparently not picking up Kitty’s mental distress. Jean stepped up the barrage of sensation. The invisible tendrils were moving faster now, with more pressure. Kitty was having more and more trouble with control. Jean lifted her completely out of her chair, hovering a few inches above it. At the same time, she spread the hapless girl’s legs and lifted them up. Now that her asshole was in the clear, Jean fucked that too.

Kitty was almost mindless by now, unable to think about anything other than the sensations flowing through her. Yet the imperative to be quiet was still holding somehow. Even though she was whipping her head around, any noises she made were slight. Thus far, she still hadn’t caught the attention of anybody in the front of the room. It was obvious to all of the X-kids that Kitty was nearing orgasm. They again looked toward the front of the room anxiously. Bobby was sitting next to Tiffany. She whispered in his ear. “Do you have a clean handkerchief?” He nodded and handed it to her. She slowly stood up and when Kitty’s head stopped moving for a second, she clapped the handkerchief over her friend’s mouth. Kitty looked at her blearily, then nodded. From that point on, she tried to keep her head still so that the muffler could work.

As Kitty’s orgasm hit, Jean released her control on the smaller girl’s movement. It was a huge orgasm, and Kitty flailed her arms and legs around now that she could use them again. Tiffany held the handkerchief up against her mouth hard, managing to follow the involuntary movements. Miraculously, very little sound escaped. More anxious looks toward the front confirmed that somehow no one had heard. The families were still following the presentation. Kitty hung there limply. She was unable to move again, but this time it was because of lack of energy.

She heard Jean’s voice in her head again. “Was it good for you too?” “It WAS kinda nice, if a little stressful,” Kitty replied numbly. “Okay, you’ve had your fun. Ya got me good. Now put me back in my chair and lemme pull my skirt back down before somebody turns around. Oh no. You’re cumming more than once, remember?” “Jesus, Jean. After that, I think my pussy is kaput no matter what you do to it.” “I wasn’t planning on doing your pussy this time.” “Huh? So how do you… Oh! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! You can’t mean what I think you mean!” Why not I want to see how far you can shoot cum.

To her horror, Kitty felt a familiar sensation in the groin area. She was doing a genital morph. In the days immediately after the Rogue Wave, all of the girls had been plagued by involuntary morphs, resulting in great embarrassment before everyone in the Institute learned what was going on and that all of the girls were affected. They had since learned to control the morph and Kitty had not had a popup since. Until now. Jean was forcing her to change over to a dick. If Kitty was mortified before, it was nothing compared to now. Before, the risk had been that her straight-laced parents would find her apparently diddling herself in public. Now they were about to find her with a dick. “Time for round 2,” Jean said cheerfully as the stroking started again.

At first Kitty hoped that the prior orgasm had drained her so much that she wouldn’t be able to get it up. And her dick was slow to respond. But Jean kept after it and it wasn’t long before Kitty had a raging hardon. Shit! she thought. The onslaught of sensation was pretty much identical to the first time, taking into account the different configuration of sexual organs. Most of the target areas were exactly the same: her tits, ass, asshole, legs, face. Jean had to reorient the telekenetic stroking for a cock, but it actually gave her opportunity for more stimulation. She mindtouched every square milimeter of Kitty’s dong, from the tip to the base, all the way around the circumference, and gently manipulated the balls as well. Kitty didn’t bother trying the Toad trick again, but Jean re-bombarded her with sexy images anyway.

It took a little longer to get Kitty to the same ultraexcited state as before, but Jean managed it. Tiffany again had to apply the handkerchief to help suppress Kitty’s involuntary reactions to the insubstantial sexual assault. The other X-kids were more worried now. It was obvious that Kitty was being zapped much harder than before. There was no way she could keep quiet much longer, Tiffany or no Tiffany. Again they wondered what they could do to prevent the families from noticing what was going on. Amanda sadly kissed a public relationship with Kurt goodbye. She couldn’t believe that Jean was so obsessed about punishing Kitty that she was willing to fuck over everyone else as well. It was likely that most of the parents would take a dim view of this, and the secret of the girldongs would be out as well.

Kitty writhed in the air, again oblivious to the world around her. Nothing existed except for the sensation. Tiffany had a hard time holding the gag in place. As before, the kids could see the orgasm coming. They resigned themselves to the fact that there was going to be an ugly scene in a few minutes. They started making contingency plans, thinking about what they were going to say to their parents. The girls hoped their parents would assume Kitty was a freak among freaks and not ask them if they had dongs as well. Hopefully no one would be taken home. Rahne and Jubilee were especially concerned about this, as they had actually been taken home after the first mansion was destroyed. It had taken a hell of an effort to get back here, but apparently it was all for nothing. The orgasm was probably only seconds away now. Sorry, Kurt, Amanda thought sadly. Back into stealth love.

Kitty was moving so much now that Tiffany simply could not keep the handkerchief on her mouth. Then the orgasm hit. “Eeeeeyyyyyaaaaahhhhh!!” she screamed. A huge stream of cum shot out of Kitty’s dick, flying over her head and smacking against the wall behind her. It was immediately followed by another. This one wasn’t quite as strong. It just went into her face. Several more pulses went into her face and hair, then the intensity started dropping and the subsequent spurts merely coated her tits. After weaker shots onto her stomach, saturating the dress still bunched up there, Kitty finally ran down. The students were so electrified by the cum shot that they temporarily forgot about the families. Then they turned their heads as one to see what the reaction had been and how many were looking this way. Or if anyone at all was not looking this way. No one was. Everyone up front was still paying attention to the presentation.

Fuck! Amanda thought in shock. How could they not have heard that? The people in the next COUNTY must have. The students looked at each other in bewilderment. Then they looked at Jean, who grinned and wiggled her eyebrows in a Groucho Marx fashion. It gradually dawned on them what had happened. Jean had prevented the other occupants of the room from hearing the outburst. The sound had gone through their ears, but it had not registered in their minds. Jean gently lowered Kitty back into her chair. The smaller girl hardly noticed, barely conscious.

Everyone’s relief over the averted crisis was short-lived, because at that moment the Professor finished his presentation. “And now the kids would like to show you their rooms. We will meet back here in half an hour for the full tour.” The parents stood up and stretched, then looked around for their kids. All of the students quickly looked at Kitty, who sat there dazedly, covered in her own cum, dick still hanging out, now flaccid and leaking cum on the floor. She was too out of it to even pull her skirt back down, and Tiffany couldn’t do it for her with it bunched up around her waist. “Kitty, snap out of it,” Tiffany said urgently. “Your parents are coming this way!”

Kitty came back to her senses, more or less. “Huh? Oh, shit!” By the time she was out of her fog, the parents were standing in front of her. She looked down at her exposed dick and all the cum, then looked up at them fearfully. But they were smiling. “We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with your room since last time.” There was no reaction of any kind to the dick or the condition she was in.

Open-mouthed, Kitty looked at Jean, who grinned again. So she was altering visual perception too. Kitty climbed to her feet shakily, reverse-morphed back to a pussy, and rearranged her cum-coated dress, activities which her parents also failed to notice. Then she unsteadily led them toward her room. Though in her current mental state, she had problems remembering where it was.

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