X-Dudes Pornography Story: interview with the Arachnid 3

X-Dudes Pornography Story: interview with the Arachnid 3

Wow. Good thing youre one of the good guys. Sounds like you could have been a hell of a thief.

Kitty grinned at her. Yeah, I guess I, like, missed my calling. But I dont need to steal. Ill admit we have it pretty good at the mansion.

Id say you earn your keep. I dont understand much about that Apocalypse thing, but I gather that we might have been in bad shape if you hadnt stopped him.

You would have been turned into a mutant or dead, Kitty said. That guy was bad news. We barely survived that fight. The human race barely survived. At least as the human race.

Give us a demonstration of your power, Kitty, May said. I really missed most of todays performance myself. After you went through the roof of the cab, I couldnt see anything else.

Kitty stood up and motioned for May to get up as well. Is there a room above us?

Sure. My room, in fact.

Throw me through the ceiling and Ill land in the room upstairs.

While Mary Jane watched with interest, Kitty took off her shoes, then May lowered her hand so that Kitty could step onto it. The smaller girl placed one foot on top of the other, then May lifted her to waist level, using the other hand against Kittys chest to balance her upright. With a quick snap, May tossed Kitty upward.

Mary Jane instinctively cringed as Kittys head approached the ceiling, but the teen passed right through it. No hole, no indication that she had been there. A second later, there was a thump as Kitty dropped down to the floor above. May had given her enough velocity to go several feel into the upper room before coming back down.

Kittys head suddenly appeared through the ceiling. Wow, that was quite a toss. I almost went through the roof too. Hang on, coming down. She rolled over forward and dropped through the ceiling. May caught her easily.

After dinner, which was as good as May had promised, the three of them sat on the couch watching TV, just like normal people.

To Kittys surprise, May started kissing her, right in front of her mom. Mary Jane looked startled, but didnt say anything. Kitty marveled at that. Her own mom would have had a stroke after such a display. But then, almost everyone was less sexually repressed than her parents. Her first days at the Institute had been eye-opening.

Kitty returned Mays kisses, still very conscious of Mary Jane in the room. Her presence was inhibiting and exciting at the same time. May got bolder, feeling Kitty up. Kitty gasped and hesitantly fondled May, hands shaking and expecting a blowup at any second. But Mary Jane still didnt say anything.

May escalated the action again, lying back against the arm of the couch and pulling Kitty partially on top of her. Then she squeezed Kittys ass as they kissed and ran her hands up and down the smaller girls back.

Ohmigod, Kitty thought. May wants to make out right here on the couch. No way is her mom gonna sit still for THAT.

Yet she did. There was still no reaction from Mary Jane. Kitty couldnt believe it. But she continued squeezing Mays tits.

Kitty could still feel Mays hands on her back and on her ass. Then she suddenly realized that she could feel them in both places at once. Two hands on her back. Two hands on her ass. She gasped and her eyes widened. Oh my fucking god! Mary Jane is playing too! She reached back and felt around. Sure enough, there was another body back there.

Now that Mary Jane knew that Kitty was aware of her presence, she pressed her tits up against Kittys back.

Ohhhhhhh, Kitty moaned, loving the feel of those luscious mounds. She twisted her head around, trying to kiss MJ, but the older woman came to her. She genty pressed Kittys head back to a less-awkward sideways position and kissed her. Then May kissed her from the other side and they all merged into a triple kiss.

Turn over, Kitty, MJ said. Kitty complied, now face up. May reached around and grabbed a tit with one hand and rubbed Kittys pussy with the other. MJ then laid on top of both of them, mashing Kitty inside a Parker sandwich. She pressed her tits against Kittys, forming a smaller tit sandwich around Mays hand.

Kitty reached around MJ and tugged upward on the back of the dress. The skirt was not tight, so Kitty could pull it up in back even with MJ lying on top of her. A little at a time, Kitty lifted the skirt until the hem was in her hand. She slid it up until it was in the small of MJs back. So excited she could hardly breathe, Kitty felt lower and felt bare skin. A little lower and she encountered the panties. She didnt go inside them yet, content to just rub MJs ass with only a thin layer of cloth between her and it. It felt really firm, yet nice and squeezy.

Mmmmmmmm, MJ breathed into her ear.

Kitty slid a finger underneath the back of the panties, leading MJ to think she was going to pull them down, but instead she phased them off completely. MJ gasped when she realized her ass was totally bare.

Kitty worked the panties around in her hand. Ooooooh, theyre wet. That cant be because of me.

Sure it is, Kitty, MJ murmured in her ear.

Kitty gave MJs ass a smack, drawing a squeal from the adult, then she sniffed the panties. Oooooooooh, high octane.

Let me smell, Kitty, May said from behind her.

Kitty handed off the panties, and heard May sniffing her mothers essence. Oh, Mom. Thats awesome.

I want to smell yours, Kitty, Mary Jane said suddenly. You can get them off even with me on top of you, right?

Sure. Gimme a sec. Ill snag Mays too. Kitty phased a finger into her pants, hooked the panties, and pulled them through the pants. Then she reached under herself and captured Mays panties the same way. The three of them had a sniff-fest.

Well, one thing is clear, Mary Jane said. All three of us are enjoying this. The evidence is right here. Lets go into the bedroom instead of being all cramped up on the couch.

Kitty and May followed Mary Jane into her bedroom. Since Mary Jane was totally naked underneath the skirt, Kitty flipped it up and slipped a finger into the womans pussy.

Oh! Mary Jane exclaimed. Bad Kitty.

Kitty giggled. Thats so I dont get separated. I might get lost.

Inside the bedroom, Mary Jane and May started to slowly undress Kitty. At the same time, Kitty reached into their tops, hooked the bras with a finger, and pulled them through the outer garments. The two Parkers looked at their bras hanging from Kittys fist, then exchanged wide-eyed glances with each other, realizing they now had no underwear at all, despite being fully clothed on the outside.

I like to undress girls from the inside out, Kitty said as she merrily tossed the bras away. She felt their tits, now only a thin layer of cloth away from them. She easily found the nipples and gently played with them. Mother and daughter moaned at her touch.

By now Kitty was naked from the waist down and May rubbed her pussy while MJ continued with the top. Kitty spread her legs wider to give May better access. Oooooohhhhh.

Mary Jane finished unbuttoning Kittys blouse, then got rid of the bra. She massaged Kittys tits, then sucked and licked the nipples.

May and Kitty pulled Mary Janes dress over her head. Since Kitty had already snatched all the underwear, MJ was now naked. Each of the two teens took a tit and serviced it, while taking turns playing with MJs pussy.

Kitty finished undressing May as the two of them pleased her mom. Then she sucked Mays tits as the older girl continued with Mary Janes. With her hands, she fingered both Parkers.

Ohhhhhhh, Mary Jane moaned. Lets go over to the bed. I want to taste the kittys cream.

Mary Jane laid on the bed face up and invited Kitty to sit on her face. The teen then dropped into a 69-position, licking Mary Jane. May ran her hands up and down Kittys back, then squeezed the smaller girls ass and poked her asshole. She then spread Kittys ass cheeks and licked. Kitty responded to the stimulation of both orifices. Uhhhhhhhhhhh.

The three of them shuffled around several times, giving all three a chance to eat the other two, and shove fingers into both holes.

Finally Mary Jane touched Kittys cheek. I want you to fuck me.

I would love to.

MJ started to get up, obviously to retrieve a dildo or strapon, but Kitty stopped her. We dont need any artificial aids.

to be continued

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