XMAN Pornography Story: into the-x-Three(ii)

XMAN Pornography Story: into the-x-Three(ii)

She wouldn’t give in without a fight, though. She had promised herself that much and she intended to keep that vow. If he wanted her, he would have to work hard and prove to her that he had both the determination and the strength to make her submit. But she had no intentions of being rude or of trying to make him angry.

If she decided that he had what she wanted, then she would submit to him. Her body quivered with excitement as she thought about what he might try to do to her in his attempt to seduce her. After all, he had seen how she had enjoyed talking dirty to Jean and how she had been overwhelmed with pleasure when the Phoenix had unexpectedly fucked her to countless orgasms. She had loved being fucked by a stranger without being asked if she had wanted it.

She didn’t know why, but the thought of John pushing her to the bed and calling her all sorts of dirty and degrading names excited her. Her pussy gave a feeble twitch of excitement as she imagined him grabbing her hair tightly and forcing her mouth onto his hard cock. She whimpered softly to herself as an image of him roughly fucking her mouth and throat entered her mind.

She wanted to make herself come once more before she fell asleep, but his admonition seemed to painfully ring out inside her mind. She sighed in frustration as she realized that he’d know more about this than her. So, she slid her hand down to her pussy and gently squeezed it as she thought again of what she had experienced tonight. A soft moan escaped her lips as her pussy tingled with pleasure yet again. With a satisfied smile, she turned onto her side and slowly fell asleep.

In another part of the mansion, an encounter of another sort was about to begin. Kitty Pryde, one of the youngest members of the team, had been awoken moments before by a strong, unexpected wave of arousal that had flooded her petite form. Her small, brown nipples had hardened into points atop her B-cup breasts and her pussy had become drenched with her juices. She had been unable to resist the urgings of her body and had plunged two of her long, thin fingers into her small, tight pussy. She had fucked herself hard until her pussy shuddered with multiple explosions deep in her fiery core.

When she had finally relaxed and had regained most of her energy, she crawled out of bed and padded softly to the bathroom at the end of the hall. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she thought about how weak she had been yet again. She had allowed her body to take control and had masturbated again when she knew that it was sick and wrong. Hadn’t her mother told her that often enough? It was apparent that the long talks about sex that she’d had with her mom hadn’t been enough to keep her from playing. She sighed softly to herself and made a promise that she would try to be stronger next time. She reached the bathroom door, reached out her hand, and began to turn the brass doorknob slowly.

Unbeknownst to her, someone was already in the bathroom because he had to answer a call of nature. The young man named Jamie Madrox had been hoping for a chance like this and, when one of his copies whispered to him through the two-way earpiece he wore as often as he could, he grinned devilishly and snuck into the unused bedroom next door by means of the second door in the bathroom. This meant that Kitty had no idea that he had been in the bathroom just seconds before she entered it.

With the door cracked just enough to watch her every move, Jamie knelt down and kept his eyes glued to the object of his affection. He had lain in his bed on several occasions while thinking of her and had come countless times with images of her naked body floating through his brain. Kitty knew that he liked her, but she had always considered him to be too immature for her tastes. She wanted a boyfriend who didn’t always like pulling pranks on his friends. She was also afraid that, if she dated him, her other friend’s would make fun of her. She hadn’t actually told him these things, but he was smart enough to realize them for himself.

That hadn’t stopped him from wanting her, though. He still felt as strongly for her now as he had on the first day that he’d met her. He silently wondered if he should just sneak back to his bedroom and forget about spying on her. He knew she would never forgive him if she caught him. But his hormone-laden brain forced him to remain on his knees and keep his eyes glued on her as she slowly undressed and turned the shower on.

He could detect the faint hint of cum in the air and his cock gave an involuntary twitch at the thought of her fingering her pussy. Because he knew for certain that the scent was coming from her pussy. He had snuck in her room often enough, during his moments of weakness, and had found the evidence of her masturbation in the form of her cum-soaked panties hidden in the back of her closet. He grinned to himself at the thought that she was still embarrassed about playing with her pussy like that.

As he turned his focus back to Kitty, he realized that she hadn’t gotten in the shower yet. Even though the steam nearly filled the bathroom, she still stood there facing the shower. Her right leg was poised on the edge of the bathtub and she had both of her arms in front of her. His eyes widened and the grin returned to his lips as he realized that she was fingering her pussy again.

Sure enough, a few moments later, a soft, heartfelt moan floated to his straining ears. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and crept carefully into the bathroom. He knew she must be highly aroused if she was playing again with the door unlocked. He didn’t think she would normally take this sort of risk.

He slowly opened his robe as he walked quietly toward her. Under his robe, he wore the specially designed uniform he was given that’d prevent his mutant ability from activating when he didn’t want it to. The only part of himself that wasn’t covered was his hard, throbbing cock and the heavy balls swinging underneath it. When he saw her lift both hands to her mouth to lick her juices from them, he took his chance. He held his cock in one hand and aimed it at her pussy as he took the final few steps toward her. Before she realized he was there and before she could resist, he had grabbed her hip with his free hand and had plunged his seven-inch cock all the way inside her tight pussy.

She gasped in surprise at the sudden intrusion, but, instead of screaming rape at him, she moaned and pushed her ass back at him. His eyes were as big around as a dinner plate as she simply bent over and put her hands on the side of the tub. Her eyes were full of a fire he had never seen there before as she turned her head and looked him straight in the eye. He could tell that she was very angry with him for what he had done, but her arousal overruled that emotion. She wanted him to fuck her and, as if to accentuate the point, she growled at him.

“Fuck me, you bastard. You wanted this pussy and now you’ve got it. You’re lucky I’m so turned on right now or I’d kick your skinny, little ass. Now, put that wonderful cock to work or I might be tempted to change my mind and kick your ass just for pissing me off.” He was still in shock at her reaction and his shock caused him to hesitate. But his hesitation only angered her more. Her eyes narrowed dangerously and she pulled away slightly as if in warning. Then, she said in an even colder tone, “I said, fuck me, you bastard. And I mean like right now. Or would you rather I call the Professor and let him deal with you?”

He shook his head without speaking and grabbed her hips in both hands. He was still new to sex, but he had seen enough pornographic videos to figure out what he needed to do. He slid his long, hard cock in and out of her tightly gripping pussy slowly at first, but soon picked up a steady rhythm. His eyes closed in rapture at finally being inside the pussy he had dreamed about for so long. It seemed to caress every part of his turgid member and his balls ached to release a huge load of come deep inside her needy pussy.

Kitty gasped and moaned as she rocked back and forth and ground her clit on the underside of his surprisingly thick cock. She had never felt so full in all of her life. Her entire body shuddered with desire as she felt him quicken his pace and as she felt his balls bouncing on her well-toned thighs. She knew he was letting his excitement get the better of him, so she reached between her legs and gently squeezed his swinging balls. That stopped him cold and a small yelp issued from his dry lips.

She turned her head to look at him once again and spoke in the same cold tone. She wanted him to be left with no doubt as to who was in control here. Her eyes locked with his and she could see that he wondered what he had done wrong.

“I want you to take it easy, big boy. You’re letting your excitement get the better of you. I want you to slow down so I can enjoy this. Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes, I u-understand, Kitty. I’m s-sorry I upset you.”

“I know, Jamie. You’re forgiven, but don’t let it happen again. No woman likes it when a man finishes in less than five minutes. The longer that you can go without cumming, the better it will be for both of you. Trust me. Almost any woman would be willing to give in to any demands you have if you can give her a good round of sex. Now, get your ass back to fucking me. I don’t want to be up all night.” She said.

“I u-understand, K-kitty.” He replied. But, as she turned back around and readied herself for his renewed thrusts, he thought to himself, “Oh, really? All a woman needs is a good round of sex to give in to my demands. We’ll see if you were telling the truth about that, Kitty.”

Before she could scold him again for not following her orders, he rocked his hips back and forth as he renewed his thrusts into her hot, wet pussy. She stifled her moans of pleasure as best she could, but more than a few floated up to his ears. He grinned wickedly and shifted his feet apart slightly to give himself better leverage. Her pussy rippled along the length of his cock as he fucked her faster and harder.

He could see her small, heart-shaped ass jiggling with every forceful thrust into her quivering pussy. He was sure that she would yell at him for fucking her harder, but she seemed to enjoy every one of his demanding thrusts. He heard a soft whisper of sound outside the bathroom door and knew that his copies were listening in on their encounter. He grinned as their presence would fit in nicely with the plan he had made.

As he slammed his hips into her as fast and as hard as he could, he lifted one hand and brought it crashing down onto her upturned ass. He hadn’t hit her hard enough to really hurt, but it had stung. She growled and pushed him back against the wall. His cock slid out of her pussy with an audible plop and she turned to face him with anger in her eyes. She walked right up to him and slapped him across the face. Then she told him that, if he ever did that again, he would regret it. He nodded and tried to act like he was ashamed of himself, but he was actually very pleased. He had a feeling that she wouldn’t let him get away without finishing what he had started and, sure enough, her next words confirmed it.

“Now, just to make sure you don’t do that again, I think a change of position is in order. Get your skinny ass on the floor and lay down on your back. I mean now, Jamie!”

He nodded and quickly lay on the floor like she had instructed him. When he was in position, he cleared his throat. She looked at him oddly, but he quickly told her that he had swallowed wrong and had got strangled on his own saliva. She nodded and slowly lowered herself on his semi-hard cock. Within a few strokes of her warm pussy, she had him completely hard again and she wasted no time in resuming her frenzied movements on his thick cock.

She leaned forward and placed her palms on either side of his head as they fucked faster and harder. She ground her clit against his cock on every downward stroke and he rolled his hips to rub even more of his cock against that hard, little nub. When she started to shake uncontrollably, he knew the time had come to put his plan into action.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly against his chest. Then he spoke loudly and clearly to his copies outside the door. Kitty had no idea what was going on and she couldn’t figure out Jamie’s next words.

“Come in, guys. She’s ready for it now.”

“Ready for what, Jamie?” she asked.

“You’re ready for this, Kitty.” answered a voice behind her that sounded just like Jamie. And, before she could turn around, another seven inch cock had forced its way deep inside her tight, little ass. She started to scream in protest, but another cock had slid into her open mouth and had muffled her words. Her eyes opened wide as she realized that Jamie and his copies had every one of her holes completely filled.

But that wasn’t the only shock of the night. The strangest and most disturbing thought, at least to her, was that she liked having a cock in all of her holes. She loved the feeling of total fullness that they had given her and, as she looked up at the Jamie standing before her, she realized that he knew it. She pulled her mouth off of his cock, but quickly grabbed it so he wouldn’t get away from her. While she held his rock hard cock, she looked down at the Jamie under her, and then at the Jamie behind her. She whimpered softly as she saw that they, too, knew what she had just discovered. But, instead of lowering her head in defeat, she simply grinned and whispered to her newfound lovers.

“All right, boys. Like I told the first Jamie earlier, you wanted this pussy and now you’ve got it. You know I like what you’ve done to me, so don’t let me down. I don’t care how you fuck me. As long as you make me come over and over again, I’ll be happy. Are we in agreement?”

“Yes, we’re all in full agreement, Kitty. There’s one other thing we’d like to add, though.” The first Jamie replied.

“What do you want to add?” she asked.

“It’s simple, Kitty. From now on, you’ll be our bitch. Whenever and wherever we want you, you’ll give your pussy, ass, and mouth to us for our pleasure. Besides, by your own words, you’ve already given us your pussy. It should be no problem for you to relinquish control of your ass and mouth, too. So, what do you say?”

She started to respond, but all three of them began fucking their respective holes and she was unable to answer them. She tried to push the second Jamie out of her mouth, but a wave of arousal swept over her again and her hands fell limply at her sides. As if to further exert his control over her, the boy standing in front of her grabbed her hair tightly and refused to stop fucking her mouth until he was ready. She had no complaints with this at all. She thoroughly enjoyed being triple fucked by them. But, just as suddenly as they had started, all three of them stopped their movements. The cock in her mouth was removed and she started to speak, but the boy under her cut her off.

“What do you say, Kitty?” he asked, smirking. “Do you agree to be our bitch? I know you enjoyed getting triple fucked by us. Admit it.”

For the second time, just as she was about to answer, the cocks resumed their thrusts into her quivering body. She moaned and whimpered around her mouthful of cock as their cocks plowed into her pussy and ass at an even quicker pace. She rocked back and forth on their thick, throbbing cocks and gasped as she felt fingers stroking her full distended clit.

Jamie knew exactly what was going on in her mind as they fucked her hard without any regard to her wishes. Her resistance to them slowly crumbled and her desire to be in control of the situation lessened with ever deep thrust into her hot, little body. Once again, they stopped their movements and the cock slid out of her mouth. She heard Jamie’s voice through a thick fog as he repeated his earlier question. But, like before, he and his copies didn’t allow her to answer. They resumed their assault on her body for the third time with all of their eyes locked on her quaking form.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts and she fought hard to regain control of this encounter. But, just as she was about to mentally summon the Professor, so he could put a stop to this, an intense orgasm rocked her petite form. Her resistance crumbled to nothing and she finally admitted what they had known all along.

“Oh, gawd, yes! I do enjoy it Jamie. Please, let me be your bitch. I’ve never felt anything like what you’ve done to me tonight. I’ll give myself to you whenever and wherever you want. But, please, fuck me and make me cum! I need it so bad. Please, fuck me!”

They grinned widely and, for the fourth and final time tonight, they resumed their thrusts into her eagerly accepting body. The eroticism of the moment seemed to have put them in such a high state of arousal that their cocks didn’t soften at all during their encounter. They fucked her with long, hard strokes as fast and as hard as they could while her body quivered and as she met their thrusts with thrusts of her own. She shifted her hips back and forth faster and faster on the cocks that were so deep inside her pussy and ass.

She felt each of the three wonderful cocks twitch excitedly as they came closer and closer to their own climax. All three of them came hard inside the overheated body of the girl they had loved for such a long time. She nearly choked as the thick, creamy cum filled her mouth. But she quickly swallowed and found that she loved the taste of his cum. Her tongue went wild over every inch of his finally subsiding member as she cleaned every trace of cum from its silken length.

The young man under her finally released her as exhaustion overwhelmed him and she collapsed onto his chest with an equal lack of energy. She gasped once again as the cock popped out of her ass and she heard two soft thuds when his two copies fell to the floor beside them. With a flick of his wrist, they shuddered and were reabsorbed into his body. They were nothing more than a physical manifestation of his mutant ability to replicate himself. All that he had to do, to make copies of himself, was to give his body some sort of jolt. Usually, he simply clapped his hands together as many times as he needed to create the desired number of copies.

They were identical to the original Jamie Madrox in every detail. They looked the same, talked the same, acted the same, and thought the same. They even shared the same mutant ability that he had received at the age of thirteen. Although, they can only create one copy of themselves. This was the first time that he had used his powers in this fashion, though. From the reactions that he had gotten from Kitty, he knew that he would have to repeat this encounter at some point in the future.

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