Xmen Pornography Story: Interview with the Arachnid

Xmen Pornography Story: Interview with the Arachnid

It was hard to believe, but Kitty was starting to get bored on the tour of the research facilities of the Baxter Building. The main problem was that she didnt know what in the bubonic hell she was looking at most of the time. Reed would explain things and the Professor and Beast would nod their heads, but to Kitty it might as well have been Swahili.

The portal to the Negative Zone was cool. It was a little scary knowing that the entrance to a parallel universe was just a few feet away from her, but she knew that the portal would hold. It had been there for years.

But then it was just labs and shit. Though Amara did get a kick, running up her temp in a containment chamber with a much higher heat capacity that the one back in her room at the mansion. She finally got to learn her true maximum temp. Johnny was impressed. It was competitive with his normal max burn, when not at the dangerous and stressful supernova.

Kitty suspected that Mayday was less than thrilled by the tour as well. She couldnt see an expression through the mask, but there was something about Maydays stance that suggested she would rather be somewhere else.

Kitty approached her. So what do you think about all this?

I think I need some air. Seems like a good time to kick the shit out of some bad guys. Do you want to come?

Sure. Kitty told Jean that she was going out for a while, being too responsible to just disappear.

The two teens took the elevator to the top of the Baxter Building. On the roof, Mayday picked up a set of straps that was lying near the door.

Kitty giggled. We just met and you already want to do bondage?

Funny mutant. This is the harness from a tandem parachute. Since well be bound together, itll allow me to carry you hands-free, which will be way easier for both of us. And since youll be facing front, youll get a full view. Any type of arm-carry and youd be looking backwards or sideways.

Cool. The FF just left that lying around up here for visiting spider-people?

I brought it with me when I came today, since we made this date yesterday and I knew Id need it. Tell me more about your power, in case we come across a crime in progress. I need to know what youre capable of, so I know how to work with you. I couldnt engage any assholes with a civilian, but I hear you can take care of yourself.

Sure. Kitty described her phasing power, including some of the subtleties. One thing to remember is that I can phase you too, as long as I am touching you. So you can just stand there and ignore bullets. But we have to be careful that the bullets dont hit anyone behind us if we do that.

Suddenly Mayday smacked herself in the forehead. Shit, it just occurred to me that we cant fuck around with crooks after all, because of the harness. When we first arrive on the crime scene, well be vulnerable until we break apart. The people Ive teamed up with so far can fly. So fighting with the harness on has never come up before.

Not a problem, Kitty said. As soon as we touch down, I can phase it off both of us in less than a second. Then well be free to fight.

How that the issues had been worked out, the girls attached themselves together with the harness. Then Kitty felt a jolt as Mayday leaped up to the ledge of the roof, and another when they landed on it. Heart pounding, she looked at the panorama of New York, having second thoughts about this. The ground was a long way down.

Are ya ready? Mayday asked.

Kitty wanted to call it off, but forced her nerves under control. She had faced Juggernaut, Magneto, and Apocalypse. She could do this. Sling them webs.

Mayday made an incredible leap and they were airborne. Kitty was sure her heart had stopped as they fell toward the concrete far below. It took only a few seconds before they were at terminal velocity, about 120 miles an hour. Kitty heard somethwip sounds that she assumed were coming from the web shooters. She looked up and sure enough, strands of webbing were racing toward surrounding buildings. As they connected and Mayday grabbed onto them, the dead fall converted into a swing.

Kitty started to feel the centrifugal force building as they gradually changed direction from straight down to forward. The straps dug into her as the Gs increased. Fortunately, the swing was long and shallow, so the g-force was manageable. But the velocity was still high, probably not much less than the terminal velocity. Her hair was whipped in a frenzy, like being in a convertible with the top down at 100 plus. But she was shorter than Mayday, and the tandem parachute harness held her farther down still, so her hair was not in Maydays face.

They were rapidly approaching the bottom of the swing. As the street came toward her at an incredible rate, Kitty fervently hoped that Mayday had calculated the swing correctly and that the low point wasnt actually in the subway. But she reminded herself that Mayday did this all the time and could not possibly make such a dumbass mistake. Still, it was a great relief when the flesh projectile of which she was a part continued leveling out.

Then they were swinging level, traveling over the street at tremendous speed, the people and vehicles nothing but a blur. Kitty didnt know how Mayday could even see crimes in progress while moving this fast. Kitty could barely make out the individual cars as they flashed past, much less get a good look at the people in them, or those on the sidewalks.

The two of them started the upswing, pulling away from the street. They rose into the air again, slightly slower than the decent, but still rocketing along.

Kick up with your legs, Kitty! Mayday yelled over the wind noise. Like on a playground swing!

The twosome continued to gain altitude, but the ascent was slowing. Finally they reached the top of the upswing and Mayday let go of the old web strands. After a backwards roll back to vertical, she fired off new ones and latched onto them.

The second swing wasnt quite as disorienting. After three or four more, Kitty was starting to acclimate herself to the Webhead Express, getting used to the pattern and starting to enjoy the scenery. Several straight-line swings later, her tour guide took them around a corner. This time the swing was sideways rather than down, as they slung around onto the new path. Kitty cringed as they neared the building on the opposite side of the street. Then they were around the corner and Mayday re-established the forward travel.

They werent on this new street very long. Sirens and flashing lights were up ahead. As they got closer to the commotion, they could see that a police chase was in progress, a green car weaving in and out of traffic in a lunatic fashion, with five or six patrol cars following behind.

Mayday and Kitty were rapidly overtaking the pursuit, already coming up on the trailing police car. Kitty, do you want to go in, or should I drop you off? This isnt your city. You dont have to do this.

Ive fought criminals before. I was one of the Bayville Sirens. Lets sock it to them!

Mayday started using shallower swings, both to prevent them from rising so high and to avoid overshooting the target. They slowed down, matching speeds with the target vehicle. One by one they passed the pursuers, coming up on the pursued.

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