X-Fellows Pornography Story: into the-x-Six(Ii)

X-Fellows Pornography Story: into the-x-Six(Ii)

“Ah just couldn’t resist swatting that sexy ass of yours, baby.”

“Yes, mistress.” Jean said, whimpering softly. She wiggled her bottom and bent over at the waist, placing a hand upon her knee. “May I have another, please?”

“Hmmm, I wonder if you deserve another.” Rogue said, tapping her chin.

Jean looked back at her and saw a twinkle in her eyes. She giggled and turned back around as she knew Rogue was just teasing her. Sure enough, Rogue swatted her ass firmly three more times just a few seconds later. The sexy redhead moaned softly and a delicious shiver raced down her spine at the pleasure Rogue’s spanking brought forth. She licked her lips slowly, and then stood back up gracefully.

“Mmmm. Thank you, mistress.”

“You’re welcome, little one. Now, let’s get back to the mansion before they send out a search party.”

With that, she swatted Jean on the ass again and motioned for her to lead the way. The two of them walked back to the mansion and slipped into Prof. X’s office when the way was clear. Then they both headed to the kitchen to get something to eat before leaving for school. They both felt glad that they only had five classes to attend that day. They had three at the local college and two here at the mansion. After that, assuming there were no unexpected missions, they’d have the rest of the day to themselves. They’d be able to find John and have a long talk with him in person.

“Alright, everyone. Welcome to orientation. My name is Professor Bobby Drake and this is Professor Kurt Wagner. We’ll be conducting this exercise today. Now, Kurt and I aren’t much for formalities around here. So you can just call us Bobby and Kurt, if you want.”

“Yes, I’d actually prefer it if you just called me Kurt. So, now that you know our names, let’s hear yours. How about you go first?”

As Paige looked around, she saw that there were six other new students besides Sam and herself. Kurt pointed to a girl on the right end of the line of students and she blew a large bubble with her gum before responding. From what Paige could see, she seemed to be of Asian heritage and her clothing reminded her of the kind that skaters wore. The only odd thing about this was that her outfit was bright yellow.

“The name’s Jubilee. Like, it’s so totally great to be here.”

“It’s great to meet you, Jubilee.” Kurt said, while Bobby smiled and nodded. Then Kurt looked to the guy standing next to her and said, “And your name is?”

“I’m Everett Thomas.” He said, simply.

“Kurt nodded and smiled, and then asked the others their names. Some of them sort of mumbled their names, but Paige believed that they were: Jonothon Starsmore, Monet St. Croix, Heather Cameron, and Davis Cameron. Then it was time for her brother’s and her own introduction. Sam went first, which was good because Paige suddenly didn’t think she could speak.

“Hi, I’m Sam Guthrie. It’s nice to meet you all.” He said.

“It’s nice to meet you, too.” Bobby replied. Then he turned to Paige. “And your name, miss?”

Paige tried a couple of times to speak, but nothing came out. She swallowed carefully and tried again to tell him her name. For some reason, she was feeling really nervous and was unable to get anything past her lips. Understanding her predicament, Kurt answered for her. She smiled her thanks while blushing with embarrassment.

“That’s Paige Guthrie. We just brought her and her brother in yesterday.”

“I see.” Bobby said. Then he looked at Paige and said gently, “It’s okay, Paige. We were all nervous when we first arrived here. You’ll get used to it eventually. Just try to relax.”

She nodded and smiled, and then listened closely as Bobby and Kurt began explaining the next part of the orientation. According to them, the room that they were in was actually a high-tech holographic simulator called the Danger Room. The eight of them would be put through a small training exercise to gauge their powers and to see how the Xavier Institute could best help them to better control those powers.

“While we already have an idea of what your powers are, based on the reports of when they first manifested themselves, we’d still like to see a live demonstration. The best way to understand something like this is to see it first hand.” Kurt said. “There’s no time limit involved and you’re not being graded. So just do your best and don’t be afraid to show off a little.”

“So, let’s get started. Peter, we’re ready to begin.” Bobby said into his headset.

As he finished speaking, the room around them changed. Suddenly, they were no longer in a large, mostly empty room. They now appeared to be in a partially destroyed, virtually deserted section of some unknown city. Paige followed the others as they rushed to a hiding spot behind a burned-out car. Paige noticed Bobby and Kurt moving to a safe spot a few yards away. All eight of the new students waited as quietly as they could for something to happen. But they didn’t have very long to wait. From off to their left, they heard a loud noise that sounded like something hard slamming against the side of a car. The next thing they knew, a car went rolling past their hiding spot. Then Paige saw eight other mutants, dressed in similar black and grey uniforms, moving along the street on the other side of the car they hid behind.

“Who are they?” she asked her brother.

“They’re just holograms, sis. Remember? This whole room creates holograms so that we can train our powers.”

“Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. So what do we do now?”

“I guess we attack with everything we’ve got. We want to make a good impression. Don’t we?”

Paige nodded and the two of them discussed tactics with the others quickly. Having no way to judge the powers that the holograms possessed, they decided to simply pick an opponent and fight them to the best of their abilities. They all rushed out from behind the burned-out car with a unified war cry and the holographic mutants all turned to face them. Unexpectedly, the redhead with the claws and the ebony wings, who was flying above her teammates, swooped down at Jubilee. She passed too quickly for Paige to see exactly what happened, but it was easy to see the results of her attack. Jubilee’s shirt was now ripped open and one of her coconut-sized breasts was on full display.

Paige was about to mention this to Jubilee when she noticed that Everett was also looking her way. His eyes were glued onto Jubilee’s breast and, as she looked down, Paige saw a nice-looking bulge growing inside his tight jeans. Feeling sudden warmth spreading through her, she tore her eyes away from the arousing sight and tried to focus her attention back on Jubilee. However, she now saw that her shirt was whole again. Apparently, one of their instructors had seen the problem and had used the Danger Room’s holograms to make Jubilee’s shirt appear whole.

Paige nodded and turned her attention back to the battle. The redhead had returned to her teammates and they were slowly advancing upon them with an angry look in their eyes. She looked from one to the other and finally decided to take on the blonde girl on the right. As they locked eyes, the girl lifted her hand and flexed it slightly. Paige’s eyes grew wide as a bright green flame erupted around the girl’s hand.

Paige quickly decided that the best form for her to take would be solid stone. She concentrated for a moment, and then reached up to her own cantaloupe-sized breasts. Grabbing her shirt and her skin in a firm grip, she ripped both away to reveal the stone form underneath. Within seconds, she’d completely ripped away the clothing and skin covering her new form. She still looked like herself in every way, except that she was now made of stone. Her eyes, which had shifted hue to a dark gray, were the only fleshy parts of her body. Her transformation complete, she rushed toward the girl with an intent look in her eyes. She could hear the others fighting around her, but she was too busy at the moment to give them more than a passing thought.

Although the blonde mutant threw several balls of fire at her, hitting her in the chest, they did little damage to her rock-like figure. She glanced down at her chest and saw the scorch marks between her breasts, and then returned her attention to the girl before her with a wide grin on her face. Figuring that fighting was the same in whatever form she took, she barreled into the girl and drove her to the ground. She quickly moved atop her and punched the girl hard across the face. The punch knocked her head to the side and a large mark appeared upon the girl’s cheek. Realizing that the girl had a bit of invulnerability about her, Paige knew that she could go all out with her.

She punched her as hard as she could, first with her left and then with her right over and over again. The girl tried to buck her attacker off of her, but Paige hooked her feet under the girl’s legs and held on like a championship bull rider. After several more minutes, the girl finally held up her hands and begged Paige to stop. Paige nodded and crawled off of her, and then turned to watch the others.

Jubilee ducked aside as the winged girl once again tried to perform a swiping pass. She’d noticed that her first pass had ripped open her t-shirt and exposed her breast, but she was trying her best not to think about that embarrassing situation. Being embarrassed wouldn’t help in this battle and she needed to show their instructors just how well she could use her powers. As the girl passed, she spun about quickly and fired two pyrotechnic blasts into her back. Her eyes widened in shock as a couple of the feathers on the girl’s wings simply exploded. She cringed in sympathy as the explosions sent the redheaded mutant careening into a nearby lamppost. The girl fell to the ground and lay quite still. Jubilee started to run over to her, and then she remembered that the mutant was nothing more than a hologram. She turned back to the others just as Everett rushed by her, fighting with one of the four male mutant holograms.

He seemed to be struggling a bit, but, as he saw her, he grinned and brought his hand up in front of the guy’s face. Jubilee grinned as well when she saw a bright flash of pyrotechnics go off in the guy’s eyes. Everett had synched his powers with hers and used them to temporarily stun the guy. She also noticed the colorful aura flowing around his body as he borrowed her powers and it made her realize, and not for the first time, just how handsome her boyfriend was. As her eyes drifted over his form, she noticed the sizable bulge in his jeans and she wondered just what’d caused him to get aroused. Then her eyes widened and she did, indeed, blush with embarrassment.

“He must’ve seen my breast earlier when that girl ripped my shirt open.” She thought to herself. Then she grinned mischievously as a new thought entered her mind. “Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to take care of that little problem of his later.”

Chuckling to herself, she rushed toward the struggling pair and spun about to land a solid kick in the back of Everett’s opponent. The holographic mutant howled out in pain and reached over in an attempt to hit Jubilee. But Everett slugged him across the face and jerked him out of reach of his girlfriend. He blew Jubilee a kiss before returning his attention to his fight. Jubilee blew one right back, and then turned to figure out where else she could help out. But she was suddenly knocked from her feet when the mutant battling Everett made the ground around them shake violently. Apparently, he had some sort of control over the earth. She struggled back to her feet and decided to put some more distance between them. She knew Everett would have trouble concentrating if he thought she was lying hurt nearby.

Sam crouched low to the ground, much like a football player about to snap a football to the quarterback behind him, and blasted off towards dark-haired and wild-eyed mutant in front of him. As he flew threw the air, his opponent tried to stop his momentum with a vicious blast of water from both of his outstretched hands. Sam merely laughed at the attempt as he knew nothing could stop his momentum other than himself. He shielded his face with his arms and barreled through the gush of water towards his unfortunate opponent. Just before he made contact, Sam extended both arms and hit the guy square in the face with both of his fists.

The guy flew backwards, performing a single somersault, before crashing into the brick wall of the building behind him. He slumped to the ground for several minutes, but he got back to his feet as Sam landed in front of him. He wasted no time and immediately tackled Sam to the ground. Just like Paige had done earlier, he tried to climb atop Sam. However, he was unable to as the much more knowledgeable fighter squirmed out from under him. Rising quickly to his feet, Sam kicked him hard in the side of the head and sent him rolling to the side where he crashed into a nearby mailbox.

The dark-haired mutant moaned in pain and, once again struggled to his feet. Sam just shook his head in disbelief and moved in to resume their fighting. His opponent attempted to hit him with another blast of water, but Sam managed to dodge it at the last second. Before he could recover, however, the other guy rushed toward him and kneed him in the stomach. He groaned and fell to one knee as he pressed a hand to his stomach.

Hearing a groan to the side, Monet looked over and saw the blonde-haired guy she’d heard was called Sam kneeling before his attacker. Knowing that he was in trouble, she quickly lifted her own opponent above her head and threw them into the man standing over Sam. As the two crashed into each other and went rolling away, she rushed to Sam’s side and helped him back to his feet.

“You okay?” she asked.

He just looked up at her with a dazed, and slightly hungry, look in his eyes. She rolled her eyes at his obvious infatuation with her and repeated her question. He nodded and she smiled before telling him to be more careful next time. Then she turned and grabbed her opponent just as the girl returned with the dark-haired guy. Their own battle resumed, the two girls moved away to give themselves more room. The athletic-looking holographic mutant tried several times to incapacitate Monet with heat blasts from her eyes, but the taller woman merely shrugged the blasts away. She knew they’d do very little damage due to her high level of invulnerability.

To her surprise, though, she found herself thinking of Sam and his interest in her. Ordinarily, she frowned on such blatant shows of interest like that as she’d been taught that it was more lady-like to be reserved in matters of the heart. She glanced over at him when the opportunity presented itself and she had to admit that he was rather handsome. Still fighting just as well as she had from the beginning, she began to wonder what it’d be like if she were more relaxed and stopped worrying so much about being lady-like.

After all, she’d come to this school to gain some much needed freedom from her family. What’d be the point if she still acted just as they expected her to? She glanced over at Sam again and decided to give him the chance he seemed to be wanting with her. She grinned and thought that he might even turn out to be a lot of fun.

“Alright, I think that’ll do for today, boys and girls.” Bobby said, as the holographic setting disappeared around them. “Let’s finish orientation by taking a tour of the grounds. That way you can see where some of your other classes are and get an idea of how to move about the estate.”

Everyone nodded at his words and they all filed out of the room. As the left, Sam caught up to Paige and gave her a hug. He told her that he’d caught parts of her fight and that he thought she’d done rather well. He also told her that their instructors seemed rather impressed with her powers. She grinned at his praise and returned his hug. She considered commenting on his interest in Monet, but decided to wait until they were alone to talk about it.

“So, now that you’ve met me, what do you ladies think? Am I just some sick freak like you thought?” John asked, looking from one to the other as he sat on his bed.

“Not at all.” Jean replied, smiling. “You’re very handsome and you seem very intelligent. I believe that you were telling the truth earlier when you explained why you wanted to make us yours.”

“Yeah, darlin’. There’s no need to fret. We ain’t gonna hurt you now.” Rogue said, with a wink.

“Well that’s good to know.” He said, with a laugh.

“There is something I’d like to ask you, though.” Jean said. “Why don’t come back with us, so you can be with others of your own kind. It’ll also allow us to protect you if any more bounty hunters come after you.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I’d rather not. I’m not really into being surrounded by so many people. Besides, I’d rather stay where I can keep an eye on my family.”

“I understand. I just thought you might want to be closer to the two of us. That way we could have fun in more ways than just with our minds.”

John chuckled at that and stood up before walking over to Jean. He lifted his hands and cradled her face gently. Then he leaned forward and kissed her slowly. Jean whimpered into the kiss and returned it after a moment’s hesitation. Her arms snaked around his waist and she pressed closer to him as their kiss deepened. Rogue looked on and swallowed a couple of times in an attempt to suppress her own building excitement.

After a few minutes, John grabbed Rogue’s wrist and pulled her close. He turned away from Jean and pressed his lips firmly against those of the stunning southern beauty. She resisted as much as she could, but he wrapped an arm around her waist and held her tightly. Although she was strong enough to easily break free, she was unable to summon enough willpower to do so at that moment.

She groaned softly after several long minutes of struggling, and then finally gave up. She parted her lips and allowed him to have the kiss he seemed to want. Her tongue darted into his mouth and a shiver ran down her spine at the feel of his own tongue entwining with hers. They kissed for quite a while before John gently pulled away and looked from one woman to the other.

“Who said that we wouldn’t be having some real fun?” John asked. “You both are every bit as sexy as you were on television and in Jean’s dreams. I’m not about to let the chance to really be with the two of you pass me by.”

“And are you so sure that ah’d really want to be with you?” Rogue asked, caressing his chin with a gloved hand.

“Mmmm. Yes, I am.” He replied. “I’m just as sure of that as I am that you want to submit to me. But that’s a discussion for another time, I think. I really need to get back to my parents and let them know that I’m no longer being hunted. It’s nice being in one of their summer homes all by myself, but I know they’re worried about me.”

“We understand.” Jean said. She gave him another kiss, and then laid her head on his shoulder. “But can we see each other again soon?”

“Of course. We’ll schedule to meet each other again this weekend. How’s that? And you can definitely expect me in your dreams again soon.”

“Mmmm. I’m looking forward to that.”

“Ah wouldn’t mind a little dream fun myself. If ah’m being invited along, that is.”

“Yes, you’re welcome to come. I’d love to have both of you with me at the same time.”

They both grinned at that thought and turned to leave. As they did, John spoke mind to mind with Jean. He told her that tonight it might be the three of them, but that tomorrow it’d be just her and him. Jean looked back and winked at him, and then followed Rogue out to her car. It wasn’t that long of a drive back to the mansion because John’s summer home just happened to be in the same county.

Nevertheless, the two women enjoyed the time away from everyone else while they could. During the drive, Jean couldn’t resist sliding closer to Rogue and nibbling upon her neck. Rogue shivered at the feel of Jean’s teeth against her silken skin and took one hand off of the steering wheel. She slid her arm around Jean’s waist and caressed her hip tenderly.

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