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A mistake was made and Jean Gray fell under mental control, which turned her into the size of a panther. Jean Gray sat down on Charles his fat dick, and came up to him. Jean Gray jumps up on Charles until the professor fills Jean Gray’s vagina with stickycum. After that, Jean Gray moves to Wolverine who enjoys having a fling with Jean Gray in her tight and round sex. Following that, Scott Summers appears and the orgy begins. Check out the comic right now.

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White Queen: Checkmated

Before joining the team of X-Men Emma Frost aka White Queen was living fancy and glam. While she has changed her goals and activities but there’s one thing that no X-Men can offer her: hardcore fissing with a huge black cock in all her holes! Luckily enough she can get plenty of that in this Hentai comics…

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Doctor’s Orders!

The most desperate times call for desperate measures This well-known rule applies even to the fantastic world of superheroes as well as extraordinary mutants. If the only way to revive the hardly damaged in battle god of thunder Thor is to provide him with a a great charge of electricity and you don’t have to wait around for Storm to be able to take the top of his rod (if you know what we’re talking about here)!

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