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Doctor’s Orders!

The most desperate times call for desperate measures This well-known rule applies even to the fantastic world of superheroes as well as extraordinary mutants. If the only way to revive the hardly damaged in battle god of thunder Thor is to provide him with a a great charge of electricity and you don’t have to wait around for Storm to be able to take the top of his rod (if you know what we’re talking about here)!

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(Tracy Scopr)House Of XXX – Lewd Mutants (X-Men)

In the case of the newly formed team known as New Mutants you can never be sure of what their next mission is going to become – the heroic act can become something insulting against the cosmic empire, or the usual escort mission can turn into hard lesbian standout! (by the waythis second option is what have been incorporated into the foundation of this comic parody hentai by Tracy Scops)

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[Genex] Rogue v Blob

Rogue has a specific kind of mutant power which make it hard to find sex partners, despite the fact she’s a gorgeous girl. Therefore, it is no surprise that she’s not ready to refuse to the propositions of having a sexual relationship, even if they come from some big fat ugly dude like Blob… however, could he be able to provide Rogue with what she always wantedfor?

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(Tracy Scops) House Of XXX – eXpsylocke (X-Men)

One of the most mysterious and yet at the at the same time, the most sexually attractive looking ladies of nowadays X-men team is ready to share a little bit of her quite exciting sexual life . You are welcome to take a look at these fantastic moments thanks to the amazing and colorful artworks from Tracy Scops in “House Of”XXX EXpsylocke” righthere and right now! English language version.

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